The Matador Cocktail @ TBI Boozy Fridays vol. 28

The Matador Cocktail @ TBI Boozy Fridays vol. 28

“Boozy Fridays presents “The Matador”  Cocktail

A total Mexican Cocktail that combines three Mexican exports: Tequila, Pineapple and Lime.

It is said, that tequila goes rather well with pineapple juice but that’s a truth is known from a famous  cocktail called Matador, which effectively replaces the triple sec in a Margarita with pineapple juice, though some recipes include triple sec as well, and it can be served long on the rocks too.

Matador original formula from  Trader Vic’s Bartending Guide (1947):

–          30ml Tequila

–          60ml Pineapple juice

–          Juice of half a lime

Shake and strain into a cocktail glass

Some would use more tequila than this, so it’s worth experimenting. But get the balance right and it’s a great combination. Maybe  it works better if someone nudge the tequila  to 45 ml and the pineapple to about 70 ml, then add a generous teaspoon of maraschino: the sweetness and subtle cherry favour fill a gap.

The Bar Institute variation “The Bleeding Torero“:

– 50ml Del Maguey Creme de Mezcal

– 70ml Pineapple juice

– 25 ml Fresh lime juice

– 10 ml Grenadine

– 5ml Luxardo Maraschino

Shake and Double Strain into a cocktail glass

Garmish: Colombian physalis

**Cheers to a Weekend Cocktail**

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