Sour Apple Martini cocktail @ TBI Boozy Fridays vol.23

Sour Apple Martini cocktail @ TBI Boozy Fridays vol.23

“Boozy Fridays present The Sour Apple Martini Cocktail”

According to Dale Degroff’s book, “The Craft of the Cocktail”, the Sour apple Martini, it’s said was made for Natalie Cole and her manager, on the occasion of Rupert Murdoch’s seventieth birthday party. She was the surprise entertainment Rupert loved her, and she loved his Sour Apple Martinis.


Dale “The Cocktail King” Degroff cocktail Formula:

– 60ml Citrus Vodka

– 30ml Sour Apple Pucker

– 30ml Cointreau

– 15ml Fresh lemon juice

Thin slice of Granny Smith apple for garnish

Assemble all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker and shake well with ice. Strain into a chilled martini glass and garnish with the apple slice.


The Bar Institute’s variationGreen Manalishi“:

– 50ml Tito’s Vodka

– 25ml Monin Manzana Verde

-25ml Fresh Lime Juice

-20ml Sugar Syrup

Method: Shaking, Double straining

Glass: Cocktail glass

Garnish: Green Apple slice

**Cheers to a Weekend Cocktail**

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