Margarita @ TBI Boozy Fridays vol.19

Margarita @ TBI Boozy Fridays vol.19

“Boozy Fridays presents The Margarita cocktail”

Margarita is one of Americas most famous cocktail. Many stories are to be said about this popular cocktail. According Gary Regans Book “ The Joy of Mixology” , the first of all stories is that Daniel (Danny) Negrete when he was the manager of the Garci Crespo Hotel  in Puebla, Mexico in 1936 he  created the drink for his girlfriend, Margarita. Margarita liked to eat salt with whatever she drank, so the salted rim on the glass made it unnecessary for her to keep reaching into salt bowl.

Many stories based on Vern Underwood (a tequila distributor for José Cuervo), Jass musician Teddy Stauffer for Nicky Hilton, Dona Bertha (owner of Bertha’s Bar in Taxco Mexico, Carlos Danny Herrera for starlet Marjorie King etc. are claiming for this creation but if we are supposed to pick the “one and only” true one :

The margarita formula follows the same path as other classics such as the Sidecar : It’s a base spirit made sour by the addition of lime juice and balanced for sweetness with triple sec.

The Margarita formula that Gary Regan  chooses to  drink is:

– 1 ½ ounces white tequila

– 1 ounce triple sec

– 1 ½ ounce fresh lime juice

Shake and Strain into a salt – rimmed (optional), chilled cocktail glass

The Bar Institute’s proposes The Hemingway Margarita:

The Hemingway Daiquiri was created for Ernest Hemingway at La floridita bar in Havana Cuba.

– 1 ¾ oz (50 ml) plata tequila

– ¾ oz (25 ml) pink grapefruit juice

– Dash fresh lime juice

– 2 teaspoons sugar syrup

– Dash maraschino liqueur

Method: Shaking

Glass : Martini

Garnish: Cherry

**Cheers to a Weekend Cocktail**

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