Mai – Tai @ TBI Boozy Fridays vol.6

Mai – Tai @ TBI Boozy Fridays vol.6

**Boozy Fridays presents the Mai – Tai Cocktail**

One day, in 1944, Victor Bergeron was hanging around at the service bar with one of the bartenders and they got talking about creating a new cocktail; Vic declared it would be the finest rum drink in the world.

He grabbed a bottle of seventeen-year-old- J.Wray & Newhew Jamaican rum. He squeezed a lime. To balance its tartness he added some sugar syrup, and for a hint of tropical flavor and aroma he used a splash of orange curacao and a little French Orgeat. He poured the ingredients over crushed ice in an old-fashioned glass and shook it well. That afternoon Victor blended five ingredients in perfect proportion to make cocktail history.

Mai Tai

He was just about to taste his concoction, when his friends from Tahiti, Ham and Carrie Guild, showed up. He invited them to be the first to try the new drink. Everyone took a sip. Vic said nothing. Carrie said “It’s mai tai ! It’s mai tai roa ae”; Taihitian for ‘out of this world-the best’

“That’s the name of the drink” Vic declared. “It’s a Mai Tai”

The new cocktail was such an instant and big hit that within a year Trader Vic’s  had exhausted all the seventeen-year-old J.Wray in the world!!!!

The original 1944 Mai Tai formula:

– 2 cups crushed ice

– 1 large lime

– 60 ml 17 year old J.Wray & Nephew Jamaican Rum

– 15ml French Garnier orgeat

– 15ml Holland Dekuyper orange curacao

– 7,5ml sugar syrup

– 1 sprig mint for garnish

– 1 fruit stick for garnish

Taken from Trader Vic’s Tiki Party – Steve Siegelman (Ten Speed Press , 2005)

The Bar Institute’s variation:

– 40ml Aged Rum

– 20ml Orange Curacao

– 15ml Orgeat

– 30ml Fresh Lime Juice

Cheers to a Summer Cocktail Weekend**

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