The Mint Julep @ TBI Boozy Fridays vol.4

The Mint Julep @ TBI Boozy Fridays vol.4

**BoOzy Fridays presents THE SAMURAI JULEP**

Rye, scotch, rum, brandy, gin, even champagne, can be and have been, combined with mint (syrup) to make a mint julep. Bourbon, however, the most famous American whiskey, became forever wedded to the mint julep and sealed Kentucky‘s claim to the drink. As early as 1816, Kentuckians were awarding silver cups as prizes at county fairs and the rest, as they say, is history.

The first Mint Julep by Henry Clay (1777-1852)…in his own words

The mint leaves, fresh and tender, should be pressed against a coin-silver goblet with the back of a silver spoon. Only bruise the leaves gently and then remove them from the goblet. Half fill with crushed ice. …… Allow the bourbon to slide slowly through the cracked ice.

Mix granulated sugar with chilled limestone water  to make a smooth syrup and pour on top of the ice. Garnish the brim of the goblet with the choicest sprigs of mint”

(“The Kentucky Mint Julep” by Colonel Joe Nickell, 2003) 

The Samurai Julep Formula by The Bar Institute:

-60 ml Nikka from the Barrel

– 20 ml Sugar Syrup

-12 Mint Leaves

Method: Light Muddled

Glass: Silver Glass

Garnish: Mint Sprigs

Cheers to a Cocktail Weekend**
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